Have you ever had a sudden craving for your favourite dessert but are unable to do anything about it because you don’t feel like going out? Food delivery Apps are ideal for helping you satisfy those sudden dessert cravings without moving out of the house. In fact, you can use these apps to order food from your favourite restaurants, including Behrouz Biryani, to satisfy the midnight cravings.

This article will provide a list of 5 popular desserts that you can order through food delivery apps. 

  • Fresh Ice Cream:

Yes, the pack of Amul Ice Cream in your fridge is your comfort food, but at times, you want to enjoy the taste of fresh ice cream. Since you can’t instantly make fresh ice cream at home, use a food delivery app to order it from your favourite outlets and chains. 

So, instead of searching for ‘Amul Ice Cream near me’ in the middle of the night, order fresh ice cream from your favourite ice cream parlours.

  • Gulaab Jamun:

This Indian dessert is made from milk solids rolled into balls. The balls get soaked in rose-flavoured sugar syrup. Gulaab jamun has a soft, doughy inside and crispy outer layer from frying. It tastes rich and floral from the rose syrup. Many Indian restaurants on delivery apps offer gulaab jamun, including bucket biryani.

  • Smoothies & Sundaes:

Smoothie places and ice cream shops are popular on food apps because their desserts travel well. Through the apps, you can order fruit smoothies, milkshakes, loaded sundaes, banana splits, and other cold treats. The cold desserts are packed in insulated containers, so they stay chilled on the way.

  • Chocolate Pudding:

Sometimes, simple chocolate pudding is the perfect dessert. Thick, creamy chocolate puddings can be found on lots of delivery apps. You can usually choose pudding cups or bigger pudding sizes from barbeque nation. Adding a side of chocolate pudding to any order is easy.

  • Cheesecake 

Cheesecake is a classic, creamy, rich dessert favorite. The big food apps let you order cheesecake from bakeries and restaurants. You can also order it from Barbeque Nation by typing “barbeque nation near me” in your food delivery app search bar. You’ll find flavours like original, strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and more. Delivery keeps the cheesecake nicely chilled until it gets to you.


Those are five tasty dessert ideas to try ordering through food apps. Using the apps for desserts is nice because you can satisfy a sweet craving right away from your favourite restaurants including burger king without leaving home. The desserts get delivered quickly and safely with your other food orders.

So, next time you want something sweet after a meal, check your delivery app and type the restaurant name (eg: behrouz biryani near me) to see what desserts you can get brought to your door!