Having ruled the desktop, Adobe has now released an iPhone version of the pioneering application called called Photoshop.com Mobile.

The new app accompanies the online version of the tool, offering a cut-down set of image editing and sharing tools, as well as 2GB of free storage for your images with a free account.

Image result for official photoshop iphone app

The features listed in the app store, are as follows:

  • Basics: crop, rotate, and flip
  • Color: exposure, saturation, tint, black and white
  • Filters: sketch, soft focus
  • Effects: vibrant, pop, border, vignette, blur, warm vintage, rainbow, white glow, soft black, and white

According to the press release:
“After making personalized edits, users can upload photos from their iPhone to their Photoshop.com account to view and retrieve their images at a later time from any Internet-connected computer. In addition, Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone provides the ultimate digital photo wallet, giving users access to their entire Photoshop.com library directly from their iPhone.”

Having just heard about it, we haven’t had the opportunity to test the app just yet but will update this post as soon as we have.

Download the free app from the app store here. (Disappointingly, it appears to only be available in the US Apple store for the moment)