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According to sources at Twitter is in advanced separate talks with Microsoft (Bing) and Google about the prospects of striking data-mining deals. The deals would see Twitter provide the two giants with licenses to use Twitter data to improve their respective and competing search engines.

Google and Microsoft in twalks to license twitter data to improve search results

Twitter may provide both companies will full feed access, which means not just the recent data that you and I have access to, but data going back months with meta data not supported by the API. Additionally, lets not also forget the value in provided unrestricted access to Twitter’s real time feed.

All Things D report the deal will be non-exclusive and include a number of structures, including a payment of several million dollars to Twitter. Twitter could also profit from revenue-sharing agreements that would see Twitter earn directly from search results.

It’s also worth noting that should Twitter finalise a deal with Microsoft, Yahoo would also benefit thanks to their recent search partnership agreement with the Redmond based company.

Twitter is thinking far larger than merely using its product, your tweets, to grab the attention of advertisers. Instead, Twitter is building a platform, a way for other companies to integrate into their service on a much larger scale than the API currently offers and produce revenue that way.

The Silicon Valley start up are in no rush to finalise any agreements thanks to a $100 million round of funding last month, which numerically values the company at $1 billion. A valuation that bemused .