The Play Store

Just like the iOS Store, the Play Store is also full of useful apps. In fact, the Play Store is the most populated app store with around 3 million apps. The acceptance guidelines for android apps are much easier and this is one of the reasons why there are so many apps in the Play Store. By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 5 million apps in the Play Store alone pay for app reviews.

App Ranking in the App store

When it comes to app performance, there are many factors which influence the way your app performs in the app store. Among them, the most important ones are a) App Reviews b) Ratings and c) App installs and downloads
We will not discuss app downloads today; instead we will focus on the role of app reviews and ratings on the performance of your app. The app installs and ratings determine your app ranking in the ios store. If your app has good ratings, people will download your app and if there are more downloads, your app ranking will increase and you will move up in the app ranking list. Generally speaking, the better your app ratings, the higher your app will be in the app list. As a result, when people will search for a keyword that is related to your app, then your app get app review will come at the top of the app search page the ios store. Coming to the working of the App Store which is a really interesting process.
Developers have to create new apps which is genuine and is at par with the App Store rules and 

Search Optimization :

This refers to the use of probable techniques to enhance your app reach and visibility in the app store. When your app has good ratings, it automatically comes in highlight and therefore your app gets optimized for the search results. Meaning that when people will search for a keyword associated with your app, then your app will appear in the top results. 

Challenges in the App Store

Everything seems easy right? People download your app and your ranking improves and this cycle goes on and on. But this is not the scenario in the real market ios app reviews. New developers especially have to go through a lot before they get a substantial user base. There are few companies which will have an app offering the same functions as you and these companies have an already dedicated user base. It is very tough to compete with these companies especially when no one knows about your app. One way of counteracting this is by pre-marketing. A pre-marketing strategy can help your app win some audience even before its launch. Another way is by buying app reviews and ratings.