When an app is released on the Google Play Store, the first thing it faces is competition. Since it is real people we are dealing with, it is a widely known fact that people download apps with the best ratings available. So, any app that has secured its position at the top of the Google Play store for any particular keyword(e.g food delivery app) will be the one people download. Are people dumb for downloading an app that’s at the top? No, because the app is at that rank/place because it has the great ratings given by people, along with a mouthful of praise in the reviews. The algorithms that govern the Play Store can detect and recognize the fact that the app is good and a lot of people prefer it over other apps.

How to rank up?

Ranking up on the Play Store can be compared to leveling up in a game. In a game, just like you gain levels with in-game experience, similarly, your app should also gain those experience points. How do you do that? Well, you can buy app reviews. It is perfectly legal and you should not have doubts about it. And just because anyone can buy mobile app reviews, does not necessarily mean that the person who buys the most amount of reviews will automatically go to the top. We still have functional human beings present in the world so they are the best judge of an app’s performance and how far does it meet the user’s expectation. If you have a nice app, free of bugs and glitches and you offer great performance in the category that you have released your app – then you have to do nothing but just buy mobile app reviews and wait for the change to take place.

How can one buy mobile app reviews?

This is an online service and you can just visit the website to find out. Just get in touch with the team and you can choose through the many packages that they offer. You must be aware that when you buy mobile app reviews, you are going to receive tons of reviews because only the bulk of them is going to be the reason behind the increase in your app’s rating. The service will have a very competent team that will produce distinct reviews stating positive things about your app.


Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly, you cannot expect your app to top the charts in a fortnight.

The process takes place gradually, and in the meanwhile, you have to focus on what you do the best – developing apps. You have to make necessary changes as per user feedback, roll out new features, and keep the app as pristine as possible. It’s the culmination of all these factors that will help you improve your app’s position on the Google Play Store and bring a smile to your face!