This is an era of social media; Social Media has started marking its steps in our lifestyle from early 2000s and since than Social media plays an increasingly important role within the lifetime of society as people spends most of their life on this virtual platform. Since 2000s, Social media has come up with different faces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and this list remains increasing day by day. Among of these , YouTube being one among the mainstream social media which provides a platform where its user can share their videos, create their channels and thus can create their virtual communities united by some common interests. YouTube is additionally becoming a tool for the promotion of people and concepts as social media is apt for promoting themselves and their ideas. But at an equivalent time, YouTube has also emerged as a generator of latest trends due to which everyone especially Youth is keen on YouTube. YouTubers are spending more and longer online developing their virtual social relations online. Hence, it’s well understood that why thousands of channels are created every single day and thousand of hour videos is being uploaded a day . This has created a cut throat competition among different channel.

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