In the quest to stay hydrated, most people reach for plain water. While plain water certainly gets the job done, mineral water proves to carry additional health perks that make it a more nutritious and smart choice. 

Mineral water earned its name from the area of natural minerals and electrolytes it contains, which your body craves. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reasons why mineral water deserves a permanent place in your daily hydration habits. 

Why is Mineral Water Special?

Mineral water stands out from treated tap water. It is derived from underground reservoirs and mountain springs, and the Aqua plus water bottle retains a distinct taste and nutritional makeup. The journey through layers of earth imparts trace minerals, contributing to a light, crisp flavor.

  1. Get Refreshing Electrolytes
  • One of the key positives of Aqua plus mineral water is that it contains sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Electrolytes serve many crucial bodily functions, from allowing nerves to transmit signals to enabling muscle contractions to maintain fluid balance and much more. 
  • When you lose fluids and electrolytes through sweating, illness, exercise, or other stressors, mineral water can effectively help restore them. Sipping mineral water before, during, or after strenuous activity is an excellent way to energize muscles and stay optimally hydrated.
  1. Supporting Bone Health
  • Natural calcium promotes strong bones and teeth. For those lacking calcium from traditional sources, mineral water fills the gap. Magnesium, also present, aids calcium absorption, benefiting bone density. Drinking Aquaplus water with these minerals is an easy way to support bone health.
  • In addition to calcium, the magnesium found in Aquaplus water offer key benefits for bone strength and development. Magnesium aids the body in effectively regulating calcium absorption. Since many people do not get adequate magnesium from dietary sources alone, drinking mineral water with magnesium can be an easy way to get more of this crucial nutrient.
  1. Digestive Health Benefits
  • Research suggests sulfate in mineral water aids digestion and may lower LDL cholesterol. Magnesium, with a mild laxative effect, promotes regularity. Electrolyte-rich mineral water helps during illness, soothing an upset digestive system.
  • Additionally, the magnesium in mineral water can have a mildly laxative effect for some people, further promoting digestive health. Mineral water can also help replace electrolytes lost during illness involving vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. Sipping on mineral water can be very soothing for an upset or distressed digestive system.
  1. Choosing the Best Mineral Waters

Select cold-bottled mineral water directly from the spring for optimal mineral content. Light carbonation adds a bubbly touch. Read labels for minerals that suit your health needs, such as calcium for bones and magnesium for digestion. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet for the best results.

  1. Mineral Water Delivery Convenience

Subscribe to a service delivering Aquaplus water bottle globally for easy access at home or the office. Having a variety on hand simplifies daily hydration, promoting health.

  1. Additional Health Benefits

The unique natural mineral content and electrolytes in mineral water may provide other supplemental health benefits:

  • Potassium helps regulate heartbeat and supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • Sodium and chloride assist in muscle movements and nervous system communication
  • Bicarbonate acts as a buffer to neutralize stomach acid and relieve occasional heartburn
  • Silica found in some mineral waters strengthens connective tissues like cartilage and skin
  • Trace iron and copper support immune function and energy production
  • Fluoride protects tooth enamel and fights cavities
  • Iodine contributes to healthy thyroid gland function
  • Zinc assists growth and development while aiding immune system activity
  • Sulfate-rich mineral waters may also help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and act as a natural diuretic. Additionally, soaking in or bathing in mineral water may nourish skin and enhance overall well-being.


Making mineral water your daily choice supplies your body with vital minerals and electrolytes. Its natural qualities offer intelligent hydration. Alongside a balanced diet, incorporating mineral water supports overall wellness. Please include it in your daily hydration routine for sustained well-being.

Once you make mineral water your go-to beverage of choice, you provide your body with a range of valuable vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes it needs to thrive. The natural qualities of mineral waters make for smart, nutrient-dense hydration. Along with healthy lifestyle habits, regularly sipping mineral water can be part of a regimen focused on overall wellness.