There are two key ways for individuals to find new mobile applications to run on their smartphones and tablets. It’s either via some kind of advertisement or via an app store’s built-in quest. Organic app instals are called installs of apps that are accessed through built-in search in app stores.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the method of optimising the marketing copy of a mobile app (keywords, title, icon, screenshots, definition, etc to rate it higher in app stores and is also referred to as an SEO app store. The right App Store Optimization tools will play a crucial role in your app marketing so the top app store optimization companies helps if you are a developer trying to make your app stand out in a competitive app store and help improve the popularity of your app to increase the number of downloads.


If you’re not taking full advantage of organic app downloads from an app marketer, you’re losing a great deal on the best users of the app. An organic installation is more important because it is focused on the real intent of people to find and instal a specific app to satisfy a particular need, which is not the case when they are subjected to an ad. It’s a better performing customer engagement from the get-go and helps in choosing the top app store optimization companies.

ASO experts agree that optimising the app store is an ongoing process; you need to study, evaluate and iterate in order to keep up with the competition. And as app stores continue to expand and so completion also increases, it will get even more complicated. Some analysts predicted back in 2016 that ASO would turn into App Marketing Optimization (AMO), covering all areas of an app marketing funnel. 

*App Marketing Copy Optimization:-

App Marketing Copy Optimization deals with screenshots of the app, the demo video, the icon of the app, practically everything that is not text. By looking at those screenshots or the preview video, many users can download your app or simply turn away. In addition, they are more likely to use it if they know your brand or app from the logo. 

There is also a technical aspect of asset optimization-the screenshot needs to fit into the app store, it needs to be correctly cropped and the correct characteristics displayed. Any old photo or screenshot won’t do that.

*Keyword Optimization:-

Keyword optimization requires all the text, from the title to the summary, on the page of your app. It is important to have keywords present, of course, but so is good writing. You have to convince users to download your app with very few words, so each one counts. Optimization of an app store keyword is not as simple as dumping all the keywords either; ranking algorithms are becoming smarter and when they see that form of activity, consumers will rate the app negatively.

To get a good rank in the app store, good writing and picking the right keywords are therefore essential. What about having in the title the most important keyword? It can raise the rating of the app store by as much as 10 points, according to some reports, so if you can do it without sounding contrived, then you should.

Another thing to bear in mind is that localization is essential: the difference between a popular app and missing out on the market of an entire country (or language) is a good translation of your definition that is sensitive to cultural expectations and knows how to speak in the target language.